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Entrepreneurially minded corporate and non-profit leaders alike turn to Eicon Partners to navigate change, develop talent, and improve their organizations’ performance.

Drawing on 30 years of experience in visioning, strategy, acquisitions, corporate finance, and operations, we help them create more resilient, attractive and energized organizations that advance people and business objectives simultaneously.

Areas of Focus


Align people and business objectives so both succeed and the vision is achieved


Help leaders and teams navigate change through productive collaboration, alignment, and accountability


Create high performing teams through more meaningful connection, focused communication, and inspired ownership


Meet at the intersection of people and business to evolve and scale company culture on purpose

Eicon Partners taught us how to communicate and provide feedback effectively. They walked us through several exercises that showed how important clear communication is not only to running our business but also how critical it is to our team’s morale and job satisfaction. Using the communication skills we learned, we created a Cultural Task Force to ensure we are all communicating using Truth with Care. This has developed a sense of trust amongst our team and within leadership by ensuring we are saying what we mean and meaning what we say. We have always felt very passionate about creating a trusting and compassionate environment for our team, and Susan helped identify areas of improvement and how to achieve our intended outcomes."

CFO/COO, Commercial Interior Design and Procurement Firm

During my career of nearly 25 years, I have had the pleasure of working with some exceptional business coaches and consultants, but I have found only a rare few truly understand who you are, what you really want in life, and how to best achieve it. They are rare because they put your needs first. They seek to truly understand who you are. They listen empathetically and care deeply about what you really want. Eicon Partners is one of the rare ones. Their ability to provide significant value is profound. When you work with Eicon Partners, prepare yourself and your company for transformation. I am beyond grateful for their impact on me and our company – truly life-changing."

President, Wealth Management Firm

I have the privilege of working with Susan as a my executive transition coach. She brings the skill of deep listening, an independent perspective, and ability to challenge me with insightful questions. She helped me gain clarity on my goals, their importance, and the steps to make them a reality."

Chief People Officer, Management & Technology Consulting Company

Susan challenged me to overcome my fears and helped me gain new insights by asking the right questions at the right time. Thanks to her courageous curiosity and relentless passion, I have made significant progress. She also brings a sense of humor and lightness to even the toughest conversations, making our interactions enjoyable and memorable. I highly recommend Susan for anyone looking to improve their relationships, business, and well-being."

Founder, Continuous Improvement Consultancy

Key Services


For leaders and organizations seeking a thought partner to create alignment and drive results


For CEOs and senior executives looking to grow and lead their organizations and teams even more successfully


For teams navigating change, looking to improve performance, and seeking to unite around a shared purpose


For organizations looking to identify challenges and opportunities for growth

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