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Eicon Partners’ hallmark is our people-centric approach to building teams and organizations. How we work together directly impacts our ability to be successful both internally and externally.

Our Guiding Principles

We collaborate with our clients to turn complexity into practical, inclusive solutions that inspire action and create new value for all involved. We consistently accomplish this through:


Engage and empower all stake-holders to take ownership of the outcome
sustained clarity, growth, and performance


Help leaders and teams navigate change through productive collaboration, alignment, and accountability
clear focus, goals, and high- performing teams


Meet at the intersection of people and business to evolve and scale company culture on purpose

increased retention, measurable
progress, and sustained impact

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Meet Our Founder

Susan Conrad is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur. As a long-term practitioner, she thrives on connecting the goals of people and businesses to ensure both achieve their full potential. Relationship- and results-driven, Susan has been a catalyst for many teams and organizations in their pursuit of growth and success.

Susan has successfully applied Eicon Partners’ approach and guiding principles throughout her career.  She has held executive positions in a variety of industries with an emphasis on professional services. Her background in finance, strategy and people development provide her with a unique perspective and ability to advance the goals of businesses and people simultaneously.

She serves on several corporate and community-based boards, supporting their strategic, operational, and cultural transformation.
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A Network of Trusted Partners

We value diverse and inclusive relationships. Our clients and strategic partners share our commitment to people-centric leadership and culture. Access to the right people, expertise and solutions at the right time is critical to any organization’s success. Our network of trusted partners is integral to our services and a great benefit to our clients as they advance their organizations from great to exceptional.